(grey knit sweater from Old Navy (similar), black jeans from Gap, INC International booties from Macy's, Danielle Nicole New York bag, Michael Kors rose gold watch, other random and thrifted jewelry) 

Spent yesterday afternoon at my favorite coffee place in the world. My mom and I took my sister-in-law for the first time while she was here with my brother visiting for Thanksgiving. All we do is brag about the place, and she was finally able to see why! Only downside of the day - they were out of wheat bagels (it happens more than I would like it to). Instead, I enjoyed a sesame bagel and sipped some 'Gingerman' coffee. Sorry about these pictures not being the greatest. Don't you just love how dorky I look smiling with my eyes closed? My mom must have been making me laugh.. haha.

Time to start a new week. Oh boy.


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