I am  now on...

I am back, finally. Cannot believe that the last time I posted on here was November. While my life has been changing since moving to New York, I found myself thinking less about blogging and more about enjoying each day with not worries of what to post here next. If you want to know how I've been feeling for the past 6 months, you can read Christine's post about retiring from her blog. I admire her for the honest words she shared, and I found myself relating in a significant way. 

Even though I have not been blogging for a long time now, I have been longing for some creative outlet to continue expressing myself. That's why I have now created a tumblr, which I have been wanting to do for quite some time. Please feel free to follow along as I rekindle the friendship with my camera and creativity.



 (jacket from Wet Seal, Trouvé white tshirt, Ali & Kris kimona, Jessica Simpson jeans, bag from local consignment store, gifted rings)

So glad to finally have the weekend here, after an incredibly busy week. I'm currently listening to Taylor Swift's new album (don't judge), and I am thinking a french press of coffee should happen in the near future. These photos were taken the other day when I decided to break out some flares for the day. I surprise myself every time I put a pair on and love them. I especially love a good black pair!

Well, here's to a good (and hopefully productive) Saturday!

Photos taken by Fallon Rechnitz



Here are just a few shots from when I was home in Maryland this past weekend. My parents persuaded me to stay Sunday night and take a 5:30 AM bus back to the city. Let's just say that was a bad idea. I did not make it to the office until noon. It was pure craziness. However, I was blessed to finally make it back there to visit. Got to enjoy some of my dad's homemade soup, do a little baking, and see all the new things my mom has added to our house (there's always something new). I miss my parents more than they probably think I do. Can't wait to be back there for Christmas! There's just something about home. 



This is how I spent my week away from the city and away from Hurricane Sandy. Lots of country roads and good cooking. I was relieved, however, to finally make it back into my apartment and get back to the routine of things. 

Everyone who has been affected by the hurricane are still in my prayers. The storm caused a lot of devastation in the city and outside the city. My heart goes out to those who are still dealing with the aftermath.