(vintage sweater, Charlotte Russe jeans, Michael Kors watch, INC International boots)

Well, I am still in Pennsylvania. Hurricane Sandy has been one heck of a storm. Each time I watch the news, I cannot believe the damage it has done. All of the people affected are in my prayers! It looks like I won't be making it back to the city until the weekend, and I am hoping that my apartment is still intact. At least here I have electricity and internet. I am also not complaining that I get to see Zachary every day. It's definitely been an interesting week so far, being away from my apartment and the office for more than just a few days. 

These photos were taken in the very small town of Warren. Although it's been quite rainy and cold here, I have loved seeing the beauty of fall. My plan for the weekend: convince Zach to take me camping! It won't take much convincing though, since it's his favorite thing to do.

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