(thrifted sweater, Charlotte Russe jeans (old), N.Y.L.A shoes) 

Here's a look at how I spent my Friday afternoon in Pennsylvania. Zachary surprised me with a visit to the park where we had our first date/camping trip. See my old post here. I loved being back there and seeing it in the fall! It was perfect day for an oversized sweater and jeans. I've thoroughly enjoyed being away from the city and back in nature again. 

P.S. - It is Monday, and I am still here in PA because of this hurricane craziness! I chose not to take my bus back to the city last night since they were shutting down all the transportation in NYC. And, I am pretty glad I didn't. Thank goodness for Zach's laptop, being able to work from here, and that I brought pumpkin spice Baltimore Coffee with me! 

Praying that everyone stays safe and this hurricane isn't as bad as they are saying it will be!

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  1. So gorgeous!! The lake and color of the trees is beautiful, and that pic of you and Zachary holding hands is so sweet.

    Stay safe! Looks like NYC is a mess - you are probably better off in PA! I lost power for almost a week during that storm over 4th of July...here's hoping it doesn't happen again!