(jacket from antique mall, thirifted sweater, skirt from Urban Outiftters, Hue tights, G by Guess oxfrods, Michael Kors watch, gifted rings)

I apologize for my lack of updating lately. But, hey, take a look at this camo jacket I picked up at an antique mall during my stay in Pennsylvania. For $5! I am currently in Maryland having a quick visit with my family. It's been ahwile since I have made the trip back here, so I am enjoying the time with my parents. The two days always go by entiretly too fast.

P.S. - Yes, you see correctly. I chopped off my hair donated to Locks of Love yesterday morning! I haven't had my hair short in about 3 years, so it will take some getting used to. All in all, I was very excited about it!

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  1. i love your hair!! im thinking about cutting mine as well.