(pants from Old Navy, vintage lace blazer, scarf and sweater from H&M, Nine West boots- similar, Steve Madden bag- similar, Michael Kors rose gold watch, other random jewelry) 

 I took a short trip up to the Urban Outfitters HQ yesterday with my momma. Of course we couldn't leave the city without going to Reading Terminal - my favorite thing about Philly! I wouldn't mind falling in love there.. haha. It would be perfect. I got myself a Parisian crepe and some hot chocolate for the walk back to the car. It was freezing! Wishing I could have stayed there longer, but other commitments were waiting for me back in Maryland. What do you think about my new evil eye bracelet? Courtesy of Etsy! I lost my other one, somehow it fell off without me knowing it. I hate when that happens. Well, I could go on and on about how much I love Philly. But I will keep it short and sweet.. PHILLY ROCKS! Hoping and praying that my current "happenings" lead me there.


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