(dress from TJ Maxx, vintage bag, H&M flats, vintage and gifted rings) 

Exhaustion does not even begin to describe how I am feeling right now (as stated on my Twitter earlier). Weekend number two of moving is now almost over, and I have never felt more drained in my life. My parents came up, and we ventured all over to get everything I needed to make the new apartment my home. Even though this weekend took all energy away from me, I am excited that it's coming together. I finally have my bed back in my life, after sleeping on a futon for five months. You can guess how happy I am. Now, it's time to figure out how all my clothes and shoes are gonna fit in my new room (and yes, I still don't have enough room after choosing to live in Brooklyn for the bigger space). 

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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  1. Ahhh I love those colors together. Quite the lovely vintage bag.
    I'm super worried about my closet as well. I feel like the universe will make it work out for us.

    - - - - -