(thrifted blouse, shorts from South Moon Under- similar, Jefferey Campbell sandals,  Michael Kors watch, gifted ring, Danielle Nicole bag, thrifted bracelets, random sunglasses)
   My weekend was spent with Zachary in his hometown of Warren, PA. I had fun being a little tourist and even making him feel like a tourist in his own town. Our day was spent enjoying the beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery. There is always adventure waiting for me whenever I spend time with him, and I love it. It makes my escapes from the city worth it. I even got to enjoy some Tim Hortons, which I was first introduced to by Marcy. Sometimes I feel like I am living two different lives, but a part of me likes it that way sometimes. Let's just say I am half and half. Half city girl and half country girl. Wait, did I just say that?

Lots more pictures will be showing up here of the beautiful things I got to see near Warren.

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  1. I love the pictures, the shoes, and the TIM HORTONS!!! I use to be addicted to Tim Horton's hot chocolate and am slowly recovering... :-)