(vintage blazer, thrifted dress, Hue tights, vintage boots, Steve Madden bag- similar, cuff from antique market)

 Spring has possibly arrived in the city. People are breaking out the open-toe shoes and rocking bare legs. As you can see, I have not jumped on that yet. Since I am currently apartment searching, my whole wardrobe is not here with me. And, yes, it stinks. My options are to either go back home and pick up some of my spring clothes or just go shopping for some new things. Hmm.. tough decision, right? Option one is definitely the wiser option, but I also can never say no to shopping! Gonna try and stick it out until I go see my family for Easter though. We'll see how well that goes. Until then, I am gonna work with what I've got!

Hope you all had a fabulous Tuesday.


Photos taken by Rebekka Schuman

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