'Tis the season for iced coffee! As a coffee lover and addict, I had to post about my excitement for the beginning of iced coffee season. I always drink my coffee black, which surprises so many people. Whenever I order a black coffee, they double check that I said no cream or sugar. I then inform them that I did say just black. However, I don't mind a little bit of skim milk in my iced coffee. Oh, and I discovered a Dunkin' right near my work. I am officially a happy girl. Love their blueberry coffee! Now I know what 99.9% of my lunch breaks will involve. Forget fashion for today's post. Coffee is the second best thing!

P.S. - I do plan to venture out and explore the many coffee shops New York has to offer! You shall be hearing about this soon.


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  1. I adore iced coffee.
    I may or may not be drinking some as I type this....