(Express blazer- similar, shirt from Madewell, necklace from Rugged Wearhouse, other thrifted jewelry)

After a long relaxing weekend, Monday came too soon. Time to start another work week. My roommate left me this past weekend to go visit her family in Maryland (yes, it happens to be her home too). Of course there was a bit of jealousy there. A part of me wanted to jump on the bus with her. I had to pretty much force myself to stay here in order to adjust and get used to being away from where I was once comfortable. It was a good choice though! My Saturday was spent walking through Central Park with coffee in hand, enjoying time away from the tall buildings and congested streets. The rest of the weekend was spent trying to be productive by doing laundry and a little bit of grocery shopping. I was also very happy to visit a church here- one that seems like the perfect place for me. And how about this gorgeous weather? Let's hope it is here to stay!

P.S. - This is the first time I have tried out red lipstick. I usually stick with pink cuz I never thought I could pull off the red lips. Kinda into it though. Yay for trying new things!



  1. You've been hanging out with me too much. You know I love this red lipstick jig. ;)

  2. I love this. Red lipstick for the win!!!


    PS Next time I'm in NYC we must from a red lisptick trifecta!!

  3. You look beautiful Lis. I am so happy that you are venturing out,trying new things and most of all, you found a place to worship. God is good all the time. Keep your eyes on that prize. Love you, miss you. Oh and Nanny would be so proud that you love RED lipstick, as she did.

  4. What she said! Keep doing your thing and enjoying life lady!

  5. Oh you look so fancy! RED is your color!