(vintage Laura Ashley blazer, Avant-Première top, DKNY leggings, vintage loafers, Michael Kors watch
vintage rings)

Well, Monday came too fast and my weekend at home ended quickly. It felt good to be back at my parent's house, and it's still such a crazy feeling that I have packed up and moved away. My Saturday was spent shopping with my mom, just like old times. Thrifted some amazing things I cannot wait to share with you all! Saturday night I enjoyed some Mexican food and margaritas with my brother, sister-in-law, and the parentals. I am told that you cannot get good Mexican food here in the city, so I had to get my fix at my favorite place
back home.

Sunday afternoon I was reunited with my best friend Marcy. We went to Baltimore Coffee where we enjoyed a 'cup of joe', and I stocked up with some blueberry coffee to bring back with me. Cannot live without their coffee! It gets me started every single morning. I am sure you have heard me talk about their coffee plenty of times before on here. The sun finally came out, and it was perfect weather for Baker Park. Broke out this floral blazer for the day, and I blended right in with the pink flowers that are blossoming. It was a great first weekend back since moving. Excited to go back in less than two weeks for Easter!

P.S. - We acted like little kids and played on the swings. Felt like I was back in middle school!


Outfit photos taken by Marcy Brannon

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