(Trouvé top- similar, New York & Company pants, vintage bag, TOMS shoes, Michael Kors watch, necklace from Rugged Wearhouse, other thrifted jewelry)

Work has had me running around the city getting prepared for a big project that is taking place tomorrow, and my pair of TOMS has made me one happy girl. Thank goodness for their amazing comfort. It always seems like once I put them on, I want to wear them for an entire week straight. And, that is usually what ends up happening. Dying for some spring ones like these or even these.

Check out the flowers that have bloomed! Today's weather was not that great, as you can see. The sun didn't even make an appearance. Pretty sure it rained sometime in the morning before I left for work. I always love when that happens because in my opinion, rain ruins everything. This church is located right down the block from my office. I admire its beauty every day, and especially now that is has pretty flowers by it. Too bad there was no sunshine to make the photos brighter/better. I will just have to snap some more shots of it when
the weather is nicer!


Outfit photos taken by Rebekka Schuman

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