So, tomorrow marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life! I am going to be moving to the amazing city of New York! The reality of this has not really set in yet, but I am preparing myself for it. I am very blessed to have this opportunity, and I am excited to see where my life will lead starting with this big move. Not to mention, having a normal schedule with weekends off (woo hoo!). In honor of this new journey, I decided to share with you all some things that I will be missing. Although the city will be incredible (um hello, it's New York!), there will be times when I start to miss things about home.

1. My favorite restaurant, Main Cup. Especially their mahi sandwich and sweet potato fries- best meal ever.
2. Walking along the Potomac River.
3. Green grass and country views (plus driving with the windows down and music playing).
4. Bonfires with the family. 
5. The true friends I have here at home.
5. My room/closet.
6. Baltimore Coffee- the best place on earth (thank goodness I can order it online).


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