(Michael Kors poncho- similar, Nally & Millie knit dress, Hue tights, vintage Laredo boots, Michael Kors watch, other vintage and thrifted jewelry)

They say that true friends are hard to find, and that is why I am so very blessed to have Brianna as one of my best friends. I spent my morning with her enjoying breakfast and coffee at Cafe Nola before I head off to New York this weekend. Don't think I have told you all that I am moving yet. So.. I will tell you that I am officially moving to NYC! More about that will be showing up on the blog soon. It's such a crazy feeling. Saying see you later (never goodbye) to her was sad, but I know that we will forever be friends. Thank you, Brianna, for being one of the few people I know I can rely on and for cheering me on as I tackle this new journey in life.


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  1. Cute cute cute!!!!!!!!! Good luck on the move this weekend girl!! I'm soooo excited for you!