I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Refinery 29 exclusive NYFW kickoff party last Thursday and mingle with some of fashion's best. Unfortunately, my camera did not do me well with getting good photos for you all. So thank you, Belvedere! Belvedere Vodka was the proud sponsor. They came up with three creative drinks for Refinery: The East Side Cocktail, Strawberry Pepper Fix, and Blackberry Collins. I tried both the Strawberry Pepper Fix and the Blackberry Collins. They were delicious! Solange Knowles was spinning discs as the DJ, and I was proud to be surrounded by many fashionable people. Guests in order of photographs above include: Kristian Laliberte (Refinery's Senior Editor), Natalie Obradovitch, Hannah Bronfman, Elettra Wiedmann, and Solange Knowles.

You can also see my article about the event over on Examiner here.


Photos c/o Belvedere Vodka

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  1. Kristian's outfit, quite dapper! really like it!And Solange, Bright and fun, starting with her smile :) thanks for the fab photo coverage!