Last Friday was Bloggers Night Out in New York City at the Caulfield. I had the honor of enjoying the night with good (new) friends. I had a blast reuniting with a friend in the city for happy hour before, and she joined me for BNO. I met Alex about two summers ago (trying to remember if that's right) at my favorite coffee place right here in Frederick, MD. She was having a conversation with her mom, and I couldn't help but overhear that they were talking all about fashion. Being the creeper I am, I interrupted them and struck up a conversation. We have stayed in touch ever since, and I was so happy when I finally saw her again. This time in NYC! Check out her blog, City Me Pretty. We also met up with Rebekka and Alex (yes, another Alex) from She Is Red

Also.. thanks for the awesome swag bag, BNO! There were lots of goodies inside like a $25 gift card to both Marshalls and Shopbop. Pretty sure those will be gone within the next week.

P.S. - Happy Valentine's Day! xo


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