(vintage lace blazer, thrifted gold tee, H&M corduroy pants- similar, a.n.a lace-up boots- similar, Michael Kors rose gold watch

This weekend, I traveled with my parents to Lynchburg to visit my brother and his wife. It was such a blessing that I could get off work. Honestly, I cannot remember the last weekend that I had to relax. Although much of my time has been spent working on final school projects, spending time with family has been wonderful. Everyone else has been working away at fixing up their new house they just bought! My sister-in-law's parents from Canada even came down! The last time I saw them was a year ago when I flew home from Paris to surprise everyone for the wedding. 

Today, we went searching for a Christmas tree to place in their new home! The tree farm was entirely out of the trees that you go and cut down. Of course we were all bummed. Instead, we went to a random lot where they sold trees. It wasn't the same as going to cut down your own, but it was the only option. As you can see, it was located near a Big Lots. Classy, right? 

Hope you all are enjoying this Sunday as much as I am!


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  1. I adore your boots! /i mean your whole outfit is lovely but those laces get my gears going.
    And a tree is a tree love!