(t-shirt and pants from Gap- similar, knit hat from South Moon Under, Steve Madden fringe bag- similar, classic Converse All Stars, Michael Kors rose gold watch, random and vintage jewelry)

So today I FINALLY felt a little better after having strep throat since Tuesday night. I never realized how bad strep throat was-- I literally felt like I was slowly dying. Thank goodness for doctors and antibiotics! This afternoon, my mom and I walked around downtown Frederick and along Carroll Creek. This is probably one of my favorite spots. Especially during the holidays because of the pretty lights. Oh, and check out that gorgeous sky!!

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, which means it is almost 2012! Cannot believe it, but I am very excited for this new year. I am also excited to not be working tomorrow! Time to write down my New Year's resolutions and find out what will be in store for me.


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  1. Melissa, this is gorgeous! You must tell me next time you're in NYC. Congrats on graduating. :)