'tis the season

I spent my night preparing for the holidays, but not Thanksgiving.. haha. Christmas! With Christmas music playing and a cup of cocoa in my hand, I knew it was the perfect time! I have actually been enjoying a radio station from the Land of Mary (Maryland); Hagerstown to be exact. It's so cool how I am listening to that station all the way across the ocean. Oh the joys of technology. Every year, my mom and I decorate for the Christmas season on Thanksgiving. Since I am in Paris, I had to do it without her. Also, I decided to prepare the night before Turkey Day! My small Parisian apartment will soon be filled with a "winter wonderland" of paper snowflakes. With lack of Christmas decorations, I had to think of creative ways (or maybe ghetto? haha). Hopefully it will turn out better than I think. After tomorrow, it's all about enjoying the Christmas festivities in Paris. So excited for a taste of Christmas in Paris, but also excited for real decorations back home and more importantly, my dad's cooking! :)

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.

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