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As I have always dreamed, I saw more of France today during the "mystery tour" with CEA. We did not know of our destination until we boarded the train station at 8:20 this morning. I soon found out we were heading to Deauville and Trouville as I was handed more information about the trip. I did not know I would be venturing into two beautiful towns, along with gorgeous beaches. Since we didn't know there was going to be a beach, I was not dressed very accordingly. But oh well, it didn't matter much to me!

The day was spent taking in the culture of this all year round week-end resort. The town is known for the best crepes and cider, so I had to try the crepes of course. After, I took a walk along the beach.. did I mention I was at the beach in France? So amazing. And, no, I didn't notice anyone topless if you were wondering. The boardwalk, "Les Planches", was filled with ice cream shops and amazing houses. The streets of Trouvelle were filled with all kinds of shops, but mostly antique stores. My day would not be complete without having a terrible experience being American. You can read about what happened on Marcy's blog: Fashion Philosophy. You can't miss out reading this; I was screamed out by a French woman for, well, not knowing the rules of antique shopping I suppose.

On the other side, Deauville was a different kind of town. The American Film Festival was taking place, and there were American flags around the area. It was kind of comforting to see them; made me feel more accepted! I spotted the red carpet at the Festival, which was pretty cool to see. The third largest casino is in Deauville, which I strolled into and resisted the temptation to play one slot machine. I stopped to purchase some post cards for my travel journal, and the September issue of Vogue that I cannot leave Paris without. It will also help me with my French! My day ended with an amazing salad at a cafe in Trouvelle. We were given 15 euros worth of meal tickets, which is aweosme of CEA to do for us. You know me, I love free things.

I loved seeing this part of France; it makes me so excited to travel even more. Time to plan my first weekend away from Paris!

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