I had my first breakdown yesterday, which consisted of "I wanna go back home to Maryland!" This whole new life of mine is part of a process. People keep telling me it is natural to feel this way when you are put in an entirely new environment. I keep thinking of the things that I miss.. my dad, chick fil a, chipotle, taco bell.. ahh. I love how three of the four things I listed are restaurants.. haha. Help! However, I need to focus on what is here and now. Paris is an amazing city. I am living my dream in the fashion capital! This is where I am supposed to be, and I need to just trust God that He is in control.

Despite my slight homesickness, I am falling in love with Paris. It's such a beautiful and amazing city, and I am seeing it more and more each day. There was this party on a boat last night, right beside the Eiffel Tower on the Seine. It was a fail, but my day was better today. Well, it started out rough at the metro coming back from school. Boy, is this a story. Marcy and I purchased a €65 metro card for the month, and I put it away in my front pocket of my backpack. This was a bad choice on my part. As we were on the metro, a man leaned over and told me he saw the girl next to me open my backpack. He said, "You need to pay better attention." I probably looked like an idiot to this guy, which he first asked if I spoke English. As we were getting off the metro, I checked my backpack and did not see my metro card. I immediately went up to the sketchy looking "gyspy" (according to Marcy), fearing I would get stabbed or something, and asked where my card was. She replied speaking some other language super fast while calling me a bitch the whole time. I kept asking over and over as she held out her bag to show me she did not take it. I was not convinced as she quickly walked away from me. Marcy asked if we should follow them, but I honestly was scared of getting hurt.. haha. I stood in the metro station, starting to cry and have a panic attack. The thought of stealing the metro from now on came to mind, like 99% of the metro users do here. As I finally decided to walk out, Marcy was going to ask the metro people if they could do something about it. As I reached in my backpack to get the receipt and my credit card, there was my metro card in the small pocket in the front! I guess I didn't look hard enough.. what a retard I am. Now I feel bad that I was harassing the girl in the metro, but she did try to attempt to steal because the zipper was completely unzipped. I was beyond happy to have found it; I could have cried even more, tears of joy of course. God is so good!

Marcy and I ventured to Les Halles today. We found out it is a pretty big mall, with lots and lots of good shopping spots. Purchasing French books was on our agenda, but that was a fail since I couldn't figure out the exact ones I need. Gotta go back before Monday so I can do all my homework! During my time here, I have noticed how large different places are. The malls and stores are huge, with tons of selection. It can be pretty overwhelming. We grabbed some dinner and walked around the area; I snapped some pictures of some interesting things I saw. During our walk, we ran into a musician who was playing in a courtyard in front of an amazing building. I took a short video, which is posted below (hopefully it works). I loved sitting there listening to him play. It was peaceful, relaxing, and well needed. Today was a good day; I love finding the most interesting parts of the city. There is so much to see and do; I just hope I have time for it all!

Tomorrow, I am headed to a "mystery tour" with CEA. We are taking the train somewhere, but everything else is unknown!

Oh, and I am currently listening to these loud people across the street partying to American music. They are all singing extremely loud and speaking French nonstop. Wonderful. I thought it was a rule in France to not make noise after 10pm.. guess not?

Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight. Au revoir. <33

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