le weekend

This weekend was a success. Other parts of France captured my heart, and the Musee Christian Dior has became my favorite thing in France so far. A 3 hour train ride from Paris led me to this gorgeous place near the water. The gardens were fabulous. I walked around and was in awe of God's creation. Dior's house stood high on a hill in Granville overlooking the ocean. One of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. The museum inside featured some of Dior's Haute Couture collections. I was not extremely impressed with the amount and size of the museum, but of course the garments were incredible. Sadly, I could not take photos inside. My day in Granville was great. There were a lot of mom and pop shops featuring Normandy's best products. For lunch, I had a sandwich from a local shop. The guy was very friendly, along with everyone else in the town. It is crazy how cold it is getting here so quickly. I did not dress appropriately yesterday and unfortunately froze to death. The wind was horrible, and the cold weather called for a nice cup of hot chocolate at a cafe in the afternoon.

The day ended with the train ride then my metro ride back to the apartment. There was this homeless man sitting on there across from me, and my heart couldn't help but break for him. He was sitting there with his hands folded in front of him, not bothering anyone. As I looked at him, I could tell in his eyes that there was so much hurt. I sat and prayed the entire ride home for him. It's incredibly sad to see homeless people that you just know need someone to reach out to them. They could have no family to take care of them, and that is why they are on the streets. I really wish I had some sort of track to hand to him just to show him someone cares. He will always be in prayers, along with all the other homeless people in this city.

Today, Elisabeth took us to Versailles with other CEA students. Despite the rain part of the day, I was amazed by everything there. The gardens were beautiful and incredibly huge. You could spend just an entire day walking around every part. The fountains came on around 3:30, which made the gardens so much better. Different paths led to specific gardens; it was almost like a maze. The palace was huge, and full of so many rooms inside. I got to see Marie Antoinette's room, which was gorgeous. It was all pink floral with gold accents. I am not so sure though that I would want a room like this; I feel like I would get a headache waking up in the morning, haha. She probably adored it though! My favorite room was the Hall of Mirrors. Chandeliers were everywhere, even in all the other rooms. I love chandeliers so much, and the ones in Versailles were amazing. I posted a photo of a modern art piece that they decided to put in there. They have a bunch of Japanese, modern art in several rooms. What a mistake they made. It was such a contrast and definitely not in a good way because it took away the feel of what Versailles is all about. Many French people hate it, and I have to agree with them! Starbucks called my name after, but I was sad to find out they didn't have pumpkin spice. Ugh. I have been wanting that so bad to prepare for Thanksgiving! Maybe it is because they don't celebrate it here, though.. haha.

My weekend was spent with good people in new places.



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