week six

I haven't blogged since the weekend; I just realized that today. It's been an interesting week so far, with its good times and bad. My lack of decision-making has finally kicked me in the butt, with important decisions waiting for me to make. One thing I would change about myself is my indecisiveness. All I can do is pray and let God make the decision for me.

My Monday night and Tuesday afternoon was spent studying for a French exam I had on Wednesday, which was a fail. I thought the 102 level here would be good for me, but sometimes I have no idea what she is talking about. After the test, my friend mentioned the essay part and that it was about what we did yesterday. Umm.. well, I wrote about everything I have done in France so far. My teacher is going to think I am an idiot.. oh well. Now that I am almost to the end of my bachelors, I have learned that just passing a class is all that matters. However, I do strive to overachieve most of the time. I decided that my fashion classes are more important than French, but what if I ever want to live in France again? Uh oh..

Tuesday night, CEA held a crepe party! However, my time was spent differently. It was spent in the library downstairs, while the party was happening upstairs. Some friends and I had booked our trip to Germany through bus2alps. Well, just on Monday, we get an email saying that it is canceled because tehre are not enough people going. Lovely. We spent hours trying to find other ways to get there, and we finally ended up getting train tickets after several attempts. I will be spending my weekend in Germany at Oktoberfest! So excited, but not so excited about a 7am train ride in the morning.

Lana, Marcy, and I went to Hard Rock Cafe last night after doing a little shopping at H&M. So American, right? We started off with a cocktail at the bar, while waiting for our table. We were shocked when the bartender said our drinks were 15 euros! Actually, I wouldn't say I was shocked because this is typical in Paris. Everything is so expensive. Our night got better when he said we would be getting the glass for free; well, it was included in the price. We thought, not so bad, right? All three of us had burgers; that is something I have been missing from home. A good, American burger, like the ones my dad makes. My craving was more than satisfied.

I am sitting and blogging from the laundry mat, another thing that France likes to take my money at. For the money I am spending here now, I could buy a cute dress.. ugh. What a depressing thought. Not sure what I am going to do with the rest of my day. I do know that I need to pack for Munich.

Oh, and it is PARIS FASHION WEEK! I have spotted ridiculously skinny models in the streets, probably walking to fittings, shows, etc. No fashion week actions so far this week for me. I am definitely going to get started after Germany! The schedule is online; absolutely going to stalk the Chloe show! Ahh.. so excited.

Bon weekend!


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  1. Lean on the Decision Maker good advice Melissa Love Dad be safe