bonne journée

Today was a very good day day full of interesting experiences. My morning was spent giving a powerpoint presentation in haute couture, and the teacher pretty much ripped us apart along with the other groups. Wonderful.. I can't get over how different the professors here are, makes me want to be back at Marymount. (Did I just say that?) I pray I make it through these classes. Who wants to hire someone who did bad in a fashion class in Paris? It's time to get to work!

Marcy and I made a delicious fiesta lunch before attempting to visit some museums. It was rainy today, but it did not keep us from going out. We couldn't figure out where the museum was because Marcella forgot the directions, haha. However, it turned out to be a great experience when we ran into a VINTAGE expo. It was heaven. I walked in and saw tons of vendors with clothes, shoes, jewelry, furniture, and so much more. Racks and racks of vintage clothes were everywhere. There was a sign saying no photos, but I wish I could have snapped some of the different selections (but I did take one of the poster outside, haha). Most of the clothes were priced a bit high, but I found a shirt for 15 euros. I also got a watch, which j'adore! The guy selling it to me was probably the nicest person I have met so far in France. They wouldn't take my American card, and he went to talk to the people about it. After they told him that it does not work, he walked me outside to point me in a direction of an ATM. He must have really wanted to sell me the watch! I came back to pay for it and heard the story about the European chip in cards here. He told me about how a French man created it, and that is why America won't welcome it. I was happy to have a normal conversation (in English!) with someone; he told me to study well. That's what every old person tells me, haha. While I was walking to the ATM, I passed this amazing thrift store. It is definitely the Parisian version of the goodwill, and I am so excited to go back there! Ahh. I do need to remember to save money for all my upcoming travels! But, hey, I am in Paris.. shopping is what I am meant to do here.

After, Marcy and I went to a restaurant and had yummy calamari. When we sat down, we realized we were in a gay bar.. It had to be. The whole atmosphere screamed it. It was hilarious, and we just went with it. Pretty sure there was a lesbian couple sitting next to us.. haha.

Also today, I decided that I want to spend all my free time doing everything there is to do in Paris. No more lazying around! Of course school comes first, but there will be time for all the things I have left to do. Tomorrow, I am headed to Granville. It's on the west coast of France where Dior's house is, which is a museum now. So excited! My fashion marketing teacher was telling me how beautiful it is in class today. I was busy earning brownie points during the break, telling her about going there. Definitely a good thing! I am thinking maybe writing a bit about my experience may get me extra credit, or bringing her back a little gift.. haha. On Sunday, I am headed to Versailles with CEA. There will be blog posts to follow; stay tuned!

Oh.. and BON ANNIVERSAIRE (happy birthday), J Weezy, my partner in crime. I love and miss you so much. Hope you're day was awesome; enjoy being 18! :) <33

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