ma nouvelle maison

Paris is becoming more and more like my new home each day; it's a great feeling. It has finally set in that I am going to be here until December, not sure what kind of emotions to have. I am very excited to be here for so long and to experience Paris the way I am, but will eventually start missing my family, and of course my dad's cooking (especially at Thanksgiving!). He showed me on my skype the other day this cobbler he made. Marcy and I just drooled looking at it. However, we have been managing some good cooking on our own, with many trips to the grocery store and new recipes. Marcy tried nutella for the first time on a crossaint from our local bakery. Watching her reaction, I know she loves it.

Yesterday, school began. I only had two classes because my International Business is only on Wednesdays and our morning Fashion Marketing class was moved to Friday for some odd reason. Marcy and I walked into class, noticing the only seats left were all the way in the back. I guess we should have gotten there early; everyone else look prepared. My teacher, Jean-Pierre, is a French man devoted to the world of fashion. During his lecture, his knowledge poured out on me. He quoted Chanel and talked about where haute couture began, all the way back in 1911. Well, kind of, the things I could understand because of his strong accent. The class is intimidating and seems like a lot of work. We are required to do a research paper and oral presentation as well, fun fun! I was busy taking notes the whole time, jotting down about different deisgners and lots of dates to remember. French was next, and boy was this an experience. When we heard our teacher speak French the entire time, with maybe two English words, Marcy's jaw dropped. I wish you could have seen her! Despite the class being all in French, I tried my very best to understand her and determine what she was saying. I surprised myself with how much I could understand. It is a bit scary being taught with no English, but I want to push myself to learn more. We were paired up and had to present basic information about our partner. I will see how tomorrow goes and let you know!

Marcy and I got some pizza for dinner from the grocery store; it's so different than American dinner, but good! She forced me to watch her obsession, Harry Potter. Being the nice friend I am, I sat through half of it with her. We finished up the night hanging out with our friend and trying to pick a movie to watch. After several attempts, we gave up and watched classic youtube videos. Today, we got an email from the housing director about neighbors calling and complaining about noise. I pray it's not us! I have been very cautious about this. I don't wanna be sent back to the States, haha!

Today was a very good day. We went to McDonald's, well because Marcy has been craving it. We have one right down the street in our neighborhood, but I see them all around the city too. I got this chicken sandwich, but it had bacon bits on top of the bread. It was interesting, but I think I will definitely be trying something different next time. The fries are exactly the same as in the States. It hit the spot, but only at the time. After, we ventured to Galeries La Fayette. It is a huge shopping mall, full of designer everything. I felt like I was walking through a maze, it just kept going and going with 5 stories of shopping heaven. I found a brand that I love, Yumi. They had such cute stuff, and of course I wanted it all. However, my bank account cannot afford that! We walked around all afternoon and went in so many boutiques and stores. I saw a store that reminded me so much of Hollister, even though the clothes were a lot better. I swear, though, that they use the same exact scent of perfume in there. Other places reminded me of Forever 21 because of the selection and the price. I have found out that not all shopping in Paris is expensive; don't listen to people who say this. The only thing that sucks is the currency difference. The streets of shopping turned into a part of Paris that made me feel like I was in NYC. I believe we were in the 9th arrondissement; it was full of great restaurants and shopping. We stopped off for a happy hour drink to end our day. I am excited to go back to this area very soon!

Au revoir ♥

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