crooked streets

I saw a whole different side of Paris today. The Marché aux Puces St. Ouen de Cignancourt is one of the most well-known flea markets in the city, so I decided I wanted to check it out. As I walked through the many vendors first full of Nike kicks and fake handbags, I spotted the more urban side of the city. It reminded me of the States, and I even saw some guys that could be on Jersey Shore, haha. The flea market was huge, and I am not exaggerating when I say that. Once I passed all the "ghetto-ness" of the market, then came the better stuff. Loads and loads of vintage clothing that I wanted to buy; I wanted it all! We went into some designer consignment shops, full of Chanel, Saint Laurent, D&G, and so many other designer names. Everything was gorgeous. (I wanted to take pictures for you, Mina, but I was afraid the French people would get upset, haha) Antiques and furniture surrounded the streets, and the owners even had their own little table of wine and cheese for déjeuner (lunch).

Marcy and I decided to go into a restaurant for lunch, both craving a sandwich. This, however, was a bad decision. We were ignored, stared at, and ignored some more. I guess they do treat us Americans poorly. The guy jokingly said, "It's too late," when I finally asked for the menu. He brought over a chalkboard of dinner options, but I told him we just wanted a sandwich. We finally received ham and cheese, while everyone else around us enjoyed their many courses of dinner. Oh, and he walked right past me when I held up my check and visa card. What a rip off and a mistake, but I guess I gotta to learn somehow!

This was not the only bad decision today, unfortunately. It must be the blond hair. I didn't want to mention it earlier, but I should just make fun of myself now and get it over with. The men in the first part of the market pretty much harass you to buy their merchandise, just like at the Eiffel Tower. It's completely annoying, and I just try really hard to ignore them. This one guy wanted to sell me some "Chanel" perfume, and of course stupid me had to fall for it. He wanted 30 euros for it, but I said 10 is all I would pay. He handed me the perfume, quickly and without a bag, and then I could just tell this whole thing was sketch. Later, I found out that it was a bottle of cheap men's cologne. Never again will I make this same mistake. I have decided, though, that the cologne will work well as an air freshener for the apartment, haha. It gives off such a strong smell, so at least it will work for something. It counts for good memories to laugh at later on.

Tonight, Marcy and I enjoyed a nice dinner and movie at the apartment. I forgot I had a ton of movies on my computer, which someone was good for. It works because we do not have a television, but I am determined to find a movie rental place in our neighborhood.

Classes start tomorrow; bring on the school work!

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