culture shock!

Culture shock has set in; it's so weird to think I am in an entire different country. Sometimes I even forget about it. Today was a crazy stressful day. Mary and I walked around for two hours trying to find the stinkin campus, only to find out that orientation was at a completely different place. Wonderful. We encountered some French people, which we asked for directions from. This one woman was so nice and walked us all the way to where we needed to go, even though it wasn't actually where we needed to be, haha. She was so sweet to help us. I am beginning to think people exaggerate when they say French people aren't the nicest. We learned more and more about the metro system, even though at times we wanted to kill ourselves.

Once we got to the camps, we were given a free "typical French student lunch." We had ham and cheese on amazing bread and pastries, of course. We tried a coffee eclair and apple tart; now I know why people talk about the pastries in France. School gave us a bus tour of the city, where I snapped a lot of photos. The rest are on facebook! They are not great because, well, I was on a bus. We were able to get out and see the Eiffel Tower; my first view of it! It was such an amazing feeling, to be where I have always wanted to be!

We also got to walk around some other places. There was this crazy bird lady in front of one of the buildings; birds were just following here. It was pretty creepy, especially when she walked up to us and wanted to give us some birds to hold. Paris is a great city, but full of so many different people! I am excited to go to the Tower and other places when it is not full of tourists. The Arc de Triomphe was awesome and much bigger than I thought. The free bus tour was well worth it!

Marcy and I re-visited the grocery store tonight. French is coming more easily, as I am immersed in it. At the bakery, I asked for two crossaints in French. I am slowly learning. I LOVE Paris. I am beginning to think I will just stay here forever. I love the style the most and the fashions I see all around me. So amazing. The people are so laid-back, always with a glass of wine and cigarette in their hand.

J'adore Paris ♥

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