This past week has been spent recovering from jetlag with many hours of sleep, getting to know our neighborhood, and indulging in the Parisian lifestyle. I cannot believe my first week in Paris is almost over; it's sad thinking about it.

On Wednesday, we had more orientations but also a free lunch at a cafe. We got qiuche and then crepes after for dessert. After orientations were over, we went to our first cafe and ordered a cafe au lait (coffee with milk). It was delicious! Earlier, we stumbled across some boutiques on our way to campus; one of them was the perfect boutique I could see myself owning! It was filled with lace, black and white, and just extremely feminine pieces.

We received our class schedule and whatnot on Thursday during even more orientations. My classes include, if you did not already know: Fashion Marketing & Merchandising, Haute Couture in Paris: History of Style and Fashion, French, and International Business. I am so excited for the classes because I will not be learning everything in class, but rather throughout the fashion capital. They keep talking about how we will go out into the city for a lot of assignments and even class time. I am also glad I am only taking four classes, which is only two days a week. The rest of the time will be spent enjoying the city of Paris! We stopped by a random bakery near our metro stop to get a croque monsieur. It's like a ham and cheese, but with cheese on the bread too. The picture is below! Marcy said we can find better ones somewhere. (Michelle told me about these before I departed the states!) For dinner, we made oven baked fish n chips in our little toaster oven, which is a pain. A regular oven would have been nice. A microwave too! Oh well, it's time to live the French way!

Friday was a day of rest.. haha. We slept until 2 pm and finally got caught up on our sleep! We explored out neighborhood, which is the 11th errondisment! I snapped a picture of this gorgeous church. I am blown away by the amazing and detailed architecture of everything in the entire city. We passed lots of fresh markets, random shops, salons, and even a McDonalds. We stopped at a cafe and people watched for awhile. It's the best to do here, because you see such a variety of people and style. All the street style blogs I have seen of Paris are all so true. We had a wonderful encounter with our neighbor while coming back from the grocery store. You can read about it on Marcella's blog: The Cat Man. We went out to a bar for happy hour near the Arc, well after walking around for an hour trying to find the perfect place. I think we chose it, despite the 10euro cocktails. They were quite delicious though. I spotted the Eiffel Tower, but couldn't get a good picture. There is my attempt, haha. We spent our evening dancing and enjoying our first weekend in Paris. :)

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