bon voyage

After a long and tiring flight, I have made it to Paris! I cannot believe it, and in some ways it still has not hit me that I will be spending four months here in this amazing city. My determination has made me accomplish my biggest dream ever. I am so thankful for God's blessings and for providing for me when I doubted and feared. Now I know that anything is possible! We met these super nice people on our flight that are originally from France, but they live in Arlington now. The husband helped with our luggage at baggage claim, and I know that's the first of many blessings.

We got to meet more students that are a part of the same program during a short orientation today, and we even got a snack pack! Marcy and I ventured up our stairs at the apartment, with all 240 lbs of luggage. We spent the day unpacking, cleaning, and organizing. We went to a grocery store, right down the street in our neighborhood. Spaghetti and salad was on the menu tonight, not very French huh? We are determined to explore new foods. We picked up some brie cheese and red wine in order to possibly become French-like. We decorated our bedroom with some Paris photos and a map; I will get photos of it all soon!

Tomorrow holds more orientation sessions, this time it's an all day thing. We get to take a tour of the city, which I am looking forward to. Adventure and fun awaits in Paris for me. Can't wait. Not it's time to catch up on some major sleep.

Bonne nuit.

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