best gift ever

This past weekend, I received a wonderful gift from a wonderful person! Marybeth handed me a brown paper bag, and little did I know what was in it. She gave me slips of paper with on one side a phrase in English and then the translation on the back in French. Let me list them here; they were in an envelope that said "open for a good time... ;)":

1. Oui he sais je suis beau, je suis un Burriss. (Yes I know I look good, I am a Burriss.)
2. Que voulez-vous dire que he ne peut pas avoir un croissant cinquième? (What do you mean I cannot have a fifth croissant?)
3. Je vous entends ont des fontaines de vin, est-ce vrai? (I hear you have fountains of wine, is this true?)
4. Je sais que tout le monde déteste les Américains, alors permettez-moi de sortir mon drapeau Canadien. (I know everyone hates Americans, so allow me to pull out my Canadian flag.)
5. Mettez-vous! (Put 'em up!)
6. Je crois que he vens de caca mon pantalon. (I think I just pooped my pants.)
7. Marcy, vous de haut en ce moment? (Marcy, are you high?)
8. Tu crois que je suis ici pour étudier François? Non, non, je suis venu ici pour vous rencontrer. (You think I am here to study French? No no, I cam here to meet you.)
9. Non, je n'irai pas chez vous et Piere. (No, I will not go home with you Piere.)

MB also gave me some glow stick bracelets for Marcy and I to wear. She said this will help when we lose each other.. haha. Lastly, she provided me with some liquids that will make security go much more smoothly. :)

Thanks for the great gift, MB! I will definitely be using those phrases over there.


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