(wearing: See You Monday skirt, Forever 21 tank, sandals from Payless, vintage bag, Steve Madden sunglasses)

This weekend has been one of the best ones since I have moved to New York. Marcy is here for a visit, and we have had so many good times together. Friday night we enjoyed dinner at an Irish restaurant across the street from my apartment, which has now become my new favorite spot to eat. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably are already aware. Their food is amazing, but the fact that it's BYOB makes it so much better. Yesterday we spent some time at Battery Park so she could see Lady Liberty herself and then ventured into SoHo. The weather was not on our side (walking around the city in the middle of August is pretty disgusting), so we called it a day and enjoyed some mexican food at home. Fiesta night has always been a Marcy and Melissa tradition. Our times spent together must involve some of my homemade guacamole. Oh, and my new blender was put to good use for some margaritas. We have spent some time exploring my new neighborhood here in Brooklyn, and I can't wait to share more with you all!

P.S. - My plan to convince Marcy to stay forever has slightly worked. She may be staying an extra 
few days. Woo hoo! 

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  1. Every time I see your posts you make me miss NYC oh so very much.
    Hope you're doing well!
    <3 Leney