Last week when Marcy was in the city visiting, she reminded me that our "Paris anniversary" was soon approaching. Today marks the day that we both packed up and ventured to the City of Light together. It's been exactly two years, and I cannot believe how time has flown by since then. Paris is on my mind quite often (especially when Marcy and I get together). I miss so many things about the amazing city- the delicious food, amazing architecture, the beautiful Eiffel Tower, and especially the friends I made there. I had an obsession with Paris long before I went to live there for four months, and it has not gone away one bit. My travels through Europe will always be remembered as the best decision I could ever make.

I never get sick of watching this video Marcy made after we got back. I love remembering the good times we had. Paris, I cannot wait for the day I reunite with you.

Video created by Marcy Brannon

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