It's been three years. Fi, her brothers, mom and dad have been gone for three years now. It seems like it just happened yesterday. The same feeling of "Is this real?" still crosses my mind.. It was that type of tragedy that you see on TV and never think it would become a reality in your own life. The worst experience of my life, however, has made me the person I am today. It has taught me a lot, most importantly to have peace. Peace knowing that these things happen for a reason, even things as bad as losing three beautiful children that were a treasure to spend time with and their loving mother whose time revolved around her precious ones. Despite the time that has passed and the life changes that have taken over, I still find myself thinking about them constantly. I think about the day that I will see them again, a day that will be filled lots of
smiles and laughter.

Until then, my life will be expressed here.. all for Fi.


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