(H&M kimono, thrifted polka dot top, Gap jeans, random sandals, green bracelet from Express all other thrifted jewelry)

Happy Friday, everyone! After having quite a rough week, I am pumped that the weekend has arrived. I will spending my weekend outside of the city in order to enjoy the great outdoors (probably in the rain after looking at the ugly forecast). However, it's still a weekend and relaxation is the only thing on my mind. On a side note, I have decided that I am in desperate need of some shopping in my life. With the apartment search still going on here, half of my closet is still back home in Maryland. I have hit that point (in the relationship with my closet) where I wake up in the morning and like nothing that I have. It quite possibly could be the worst feeling ever. Please tell me that I am not crazy and this happens to other people, too. Let's just say that the next few weeks will most likely include me shopping my heart out and updating my wardrobe. Oh, and hoping my bank account will agree with this decision too.

Photos taken by Rebekka Schuman

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