My weekend was spent away from city yet again (this may be happening more often than I thought). Watched the sun set over the lake Friday night and then the next day enjoyed the view with the gorgeous sunshine. My latest life happenings have me experiencing the "country" in a new way, and I must say that I am pretty happy about it. I have always been one to go out and experience new things, and this was an opportunity for me to do just that. My Saturday was spent in the State College, PA area exploring what the town was all about. Must say that I have never seen so many sweatshirts in my life. Penn State students, there are other things to wear besides sweatshirts (and being a college student is not a good enough excuse to continue wearing them). To complete my day, of course I had to search for a local coffee shop. Found Saint's Cafe and enjoyed a delicious chai latte. Oh, and here is a little quote for your night.

More of my weekend happenings will be showing up here soon.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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