St. Patrick's may just be my new favorite holiday. I remember my grandmother would always be decked out and accessorized in everything St. Patty's. I woke up to a text from my mom saying, "Wear some green for Nanny." Although I probably would not measure up to how she would be celebrating, I did enjoy the day to the fullest. And, I wish I would have had some brighter green to wear. There's always next year for that though! The morning started off with coffee of course, but this time with a hint of Baileys. Yum! The Baileys did not end there- it snuck up in some other things throughout the day (and night). Chanelle and I ventured out to the grocery store and loaded up with everything to make Guinness cupcakes. Our first experience ever making them. And it is safe to say, we are huge fans now. We followed the recipe that Breann posted, and it did not disappoint. Chocolate cupcakes with a splash of Guinness, gnache made with Baileys, and Baileys icing.. hello, heaven!

After spending the whole afternoon in the kitchen baking away, Chanelle and I went out searching for some Irish pubs in Brooklyn. We wanted to avoid the craziness that was taking place in Midtown. I enjoyed fish n' chips for dinner and then went on to enjoy some real Irish drinks. Thank goodness I am a huge Guinness fan. Oh, and did I mention that this year was the only year that St. Patty's would fall on a Saturday while I am in my twenties? Good thing I enjoyed it!


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