This afternoon, I went for a nice walk and strolled some streets in Manhattan. Was actually heading to the bank only to realize it is closed on Saturday (fail), and so I ended up just wandering around. Of course I had to grab a coffee and bagel. The fact that I love bagels has made my transition of becoming a New Yorker much easier. I stopped by the library and checked out Grand Central Station. Surprisingly, it was my first time at Grand Central. Glad I ended up there and got to check something off my list of places to see here. On that note, who can share some things with me that I must do as a new resident of NYC?! All advice is appreciated. Now, my Saturday night is being spent relaxing with a delicious cup of blueberry coffee. Future plans of pizza and a movie are in the making. Excited for a night in with my friend!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!



  1. I'm so proud/so excited/sooooo jealous that you're in NYC!!! I hope you are well, and can't wait to reunite!!



  2. You must go to Cafeteria in SoHo for brunch. It's amazing! It's definitely my favorite spot to go when I'm back home in NYC, plus great shopping makes for a great after-brunch activity!