(Rachael & Chloe Dress, vintage blazer, Nine & Co. boots, vintage gold ring, other gifted ring)

Again, another dress that I bought and haven't worn many times (actually this was my first time wearing it). And, I bought it months ago. Whenever I buy something new, I either wear it right away or it sits in my closet for a long time before making an appearance. I sense a trend of 'wear the things I have bought but not yet worn' coming. Sure this happens to the best of us. Loved pairing it today with this blazer that I also wore here not too long ago. 

So glad I missed the rain today. It always seems to play out perfectly. I am either in the subway or in the office when the rain decides to come. Don't mind that one bit either. This girl does not like the rain.

Hope you all are having a great week!


Photos taken by Rebekka Schuman

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