(Millau lace dress from LF Stores- similar, Dolce Vita military green jacket, Nine & Co. boots- similar, hat from random boutique, Hue leggings, Michael Kors rose gold watch, other random and thrifted jewelry)

Here are a few of my "graduation" photos. I was very confused with the whole college graduation thing. Do you take photos? Do you send announcements? I kinda just went with the flow and listened to everyone around me. So.. I ended up taking some photos with a friend of mine to include in my announcement. For my announcements, I used a website to create paperless ones. You can see the finished product here. I decided to wear some of my most loved items for the photos. This hat is from one of my favorite boutiques I found in Paris. I would wear it every day in the winter if I could. We shot these photos in downtown Frederick at my favorite vintage store, Venus on the Half Shell. Some of the others were taken in Baker Park. It was the perfect setting and very "me." Oh, and I still cannot believe I am done with college!! I don't think it has really hit me yet..

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Photos taken by Katelyn Smoot

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  1. Such a cool way to mark the occasion...very original! Congrats on being a grad ;)