Last night was the Fashion Week Kickoff Event in downtown Frederick. It was interesting to see what my hometown had in store for their very own fashion week. The night consisted of a community clothing swap, which I totally took part in. Of course I walked out of there with two bags of clothes. They had a table set up for t-shirt transformations. I tried to use my creativity on a few of mine. And I know they will still just sit in my closet.. haha. Oh well. This cute little kid was going to town with stuff he was finding in the swap, as you can see. The art gallery opened last night as well. Local and regional artists were shown, mostly digital photographers. There was one artist's black and white photos that I really loved. Anxious to see what the other events will be like that they have planned the next few weeks. 

Have a good Sunday!


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  1. Frederick has their own FNO? Nice. Went to my first clothing swap about a month ago. That was fun and interesting. I definitely did not leave with 2 bags like yourself, though. Only one measly bag.