Did you know there was a day dedicated to bloggers and connecting with other blogs worldwide? I guess this should be happening all the time, but time is not always on my side. Get involved by finding five different blogs that inspire you. Visit the website here to find out more. For me, I know it's hard to make time to find new inspiring blogs. I tend to stick with the few that I follow daily, but I'm excited for BlogDay making me branch out just a little more. I also should have found blogs of other topics, but let's get real here.. I love fashion! Here are the ones I found during my search this morning:

Happy last day of August and happy BlogDay!



  1. WOW! What a lovely surprise!!! Didn't expect to see my picture pop up when I came to view your blog today!!! Thank you lovely - and great blog you have!


  2. Sandra from 5 inch and up is an amazing blogger! She's hosting KG tomorrow in London but unfortunately I will miss her.I hope you remember me, Isabel from Material girl. I have a favour to ask, could you drop me a comment on my post to give me some giveaway inspirations please?? Would really appreciate it if you do.

    Here's the link: