Today, I had the privilege of attending the John Frieda Salon Tour at The Shops at Park Lane in Dallas. It was totally convenient since I intern right there at Park Lane. After work, I walked right over to the trailer-turned-salon with one of my co-workers who wanted to join me. A hair consultation was waiting for me! My stylist, Daniel, was such an awesome guy and so passionate about what he does. He told me that he has been doing hair for about thirteen years now. I was excited to see what he could do!

After I explained to him that I do absolutely nothing to my hair, he decided to just accentuate my "beachy" waves by using some of the wonderful John Frieda products and a curling iron. He sprayed sections with hairspray then curled it, but kept the ends straight by twirling the curling iron a specific way. After that, he used dry shampoo on my hair then teased it just a little.. and voila! So simple and easy.

It wasn't a huge difference in styling for my hair, but of course I liked it. He called it sort of like a "Barneys" look that was not super glamorous and kind of dirty at the ends. I told him it was perfect because I am totally not glamorous! Haha.

At the end of your consultation, you have the option to get all the information about the style emailed to you. That way you are able to remember the process and products it took to make your hair look fabulous. How awesome is that?

I was given a bunch of products that I will soon be giving away to one of you, so keep following! The John Frieda team gave me some of the dry shampoo, which I am super pumped for. I will definitely review it for you all, along with some of the other products.

Make sure to find a JF Tour near you. Their next stops include Pheonix, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis. Follow their facebook page here for more information!

(outfit: thrifted crochet sweater, h.i.p striped maxi from Nordstrom, thrifted jelly purse, random sunglasses)


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  1. Glad you had a good time! Daniel did my hair, as well - he was so great!

    I saw that you responded to my tweet about a product for blondes. Did you receive the Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray from the Sheer Blonde line by John Frieda? Email me and let me know!