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I have probably had the busiest last couple of weeks ever. It's crazy how fast time has flown by, and it's even crazier that my brother is now married! When mom told me he was getting married before I would be back in the states, my heart was broken that I was going to miss it. As I thought about the opportunity and possibly once in a lifetime chance to be in Europe, I felt like it was my time to be here for myself. It soon became one of the hardest decisions I have had to make, even though it became so simple in the end. There shouldn't be anything more important than family. As I have been taught, I should always put others before myself. After telling my family that my final decision was that I was not coming, I changed my mind. Of course, because I am one indecisive person. I knew I would regret not being at my last brother's wedding. He means so much to be, and I couldn't have imagined not being there.

So.. I decided to keep it a surprise and not tell anyone I was coming. However, I did have to ask Miss Dena to pick me up from the airport and Mrs. Dearing to alter my dress. They were the only two that knew! I flew back from Rome friday night, got home at midnight, and headed to the airport at 5 am for the States. I arrived at my house, not knowing who would be home, to surprise them. When we pulled up, I could see that everyone was there. I mean everyone! It's all on video too; it was the best feeling ever to see them. Their reaction was great. My mom, of course, screamed and cried. Dad cried too; my brothers said they have never seen him cry before. I don't think I have either. The money I spent on a ticket was well worth it; I wanted to show Chris and Marybeth how much I care about them while remaining selfless. There is no way I could miss my brother's wedding. When I made my decision to come, I placed all my trust in my Creator that He will always provide for me.

The rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception went so well. It very much represented them as a couple. The ceremony was at Mar Lu Ridge, which overlooked all of Jefferson. They are going to have amazing photos because they had like three photographers. I will be sure to post those here; my photos are horrible.. haha. The reception was at Beans in the Belfry, a small church that was turned into a coffee shop. They set up the place for the reception, and it looked great. My dad thanked me in his speech for coming, as well as my brother. Although Chris said he was happy I came "without a Pierre on my arm." This was one of my best decision ever. The highlight of my weekend was when Chris and MB were taking the green machine (my car) after the reception. Chris was trying to open the door for her, and I had to break it to him that it only opened from the inside. He looked at me with a worried look on his face and said, "Not uh?".. haha. It was hilarious.

Everything was wonderful this past weekend. I was SO happy to be home, and I am looking forward to being back home in December. Before I go though, I am going to enjoy my last month in Paris. Cannot believe how fast time has gone.

Love you, Chris and MB. Bisous <33>

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