paris' ihop & carnavalet

What is better than a true American breakfast? I went to Breakfast in America today with my international business class. As I walked up to the diner with my friends, we couldn't hold in our excitement, haha. The thought of having a taste of home, literally, was so thrilling. I had pancakes, two with banana and one with chocolate chips. Oh my gosh.. some of the best pancakes of my life! My friend got some french toast, which I sampled and loved, ahhh! Oh, and did I mention endless coffee?! American coffee, not the small one shot of coffee the French drink. I am definitely going there to spend time doing homework, endless coffee and free wifi.. tres bien! On the website, it says they have a Thanksgiving dinner there. Maybe I will spend it there, hmm. Definitely going back for a burger; they have a student deal for dinner! They understand the need for cheap food for poor students, unlike the extremely expensive food the French make us buy. All in all, an amazing breakfast. I will be going back for sure!

I took another excursion today to the Musée Carnavalet with my haute couture class. The gardens in the front were beautiful. I am trying to have more respect for art, but most of the time I find it extremely boring. However, my professor makes it really interesting and has the most random stories about the people we talk about. Therefore, I am slowly learning to appreciate it.

I am spending my night drinking hot tea with Marcella. Tomorrow, some adventures await me before I travel this weekend! I can't believe it's already October; my time in Europe is flying by. It's time to make the most of it and enjoy every second. <33

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