october 23rd; already?!

Life has been busy in Paris; lots of school work to do and trying to enjoy my time left in the city. I feel like I have been working on school so much lately, but yet I do not even feel accomplished, haha. Wonderful. I had three exams this week and one quiz; not fun. Oh, and the past two weeks I have been sick. Finally feeling better now after taking some medicine from the pharmacy. The weather here has changed drastically. Winter is coming, and it is not enjoyable at all! That is part of the reason I was probably sick. I sleep with so many layers of clothes on and three blankets. I try to keep as warm as possible, haha. Wish I could have the heat on all the time in the apartment, but I am only allowed a certain amount of electricity during our stay here. If I go over that limit at the end of the semester, I will have to pay extra. Definitely not happening!

Last Saturday, I went with Lana and Marcy to this tea place near the Seine called Les Deux Abeilles. They are known for the best lemon marang in Paris. I never though I liked it, but I gave it a try. It was delicious. The tea was even better. We were served our own pot full, but for 4 euros I am glad it was a lot of tea. The restaurant was a bit overpriced, but what isn't here? Tuesday was spent at the Institut Francais de la Mode researching for a haute couture project. Fun, fun! On Wednesday, my business class took a little trip to the Arts et Metiers museum. It is a technology museum full of interesting things. If I wasn't so tired, I probably would have enjoyed it more.. haha. My favorite part of the museum had a bunch of old cameras, musical instruments, and phones. It was cool to see how much technology has evolved. I am glad I am a part of the generation that is so involved with technology. This could be good or bad, I guess.

Wednesday night I went to see Montmatre with good company. The church was absolutely beautiful; I wish I could have taken some pictures of the inside. It was huge and the architecture was amazing. There were lots of candles lit in there while people just sat in the pews. Outside of the church, there was an awesome view of the city. I wish my camera would have taken better pictures of it. I have decided that my favorite thing about Paris is seeing a great view at night. There is something about it that makes me want to just stand there and look at it all night. It's peaceful and beautiful; makes me fall in love with the city even more. The Pompidou was on my agenda for Thursday, the museum of modern art. This is where I saw the great view of the city last week, but didn't go into the museum because it was closed. I guess I have never been to a real modern art museum, and boy was I in for a treat. It was pretty intense and "out there." I saw lots of naked bodies, blood, and many other weird things.. haha. Most of the art was really cool, but others just did not make sense to me.

Today, my fashion marketing class went to a store in Paris called Merci. It is a store much like Anthropology. Their store was very earthy and artistic. The clothes are donated by designers and a profit of the sales go to underprivileged children. However, my teacher explained that only a very small profit goes to them. In addition to clothing and shoes, Merci sells furniture and home goods. They had these mugs with the Pantone colors, which were really cool. Most of their things were extremely expensive, even paper notebooks that were recycled. It was a really cool store to go into though.

I am off to Loire Valley in the morning with CEA until Sunday night. A weekend full of wine tasting and castle visits! We are even staying overnight in one of the castles. I am excited about the weekend, but not looking forward to waking up super early! I better get to packing; just wanted to share some details about my week.

Bon weekend!

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