the land of castles and wine: loire valley

I spent my weekend in Loire Valley with CEA. We left early Saturday morning on a three hour bus ride to arrive in "the land of castles and wine." It was just as I expected. We toured three castles on Saturday. In between, we grabbed some lunch at a local cafe near the first castle. All four of us girls ordered quiche; it was delicious. We enjoyed coffee and tea as well. The woman working at the restaurant was so nice. She asked where we were from and insisted on helping our French as she began speaking no English. As we were sitting and enjoying our meal, she offered to take our picture. She placed the menu in front of us, probably in hopes of us marketing her place.. haha. I enjoyed the scenery of France as we drove more to visit other places; everything was so green and pretty. Even though I love the city and everything about it, a little taste of the country is always needed.

The hotel we stayed in was perfect. Lana and I shared a room in the "stables", which everyone thought would be bad. They were wrong; the rooms were very nice. A nice couple owns the hotel and lives there too. Breakfast was waiting for us in the morning; a huge spread of different breads, jams, pastries, cereals, fruits, and so much more. The best thing about staying in a hotel, in my opinion, is breakfast in the morning. Sadly, it is what I look forward to the most.. haha.

We were treated to a three course meal at La Cave, a French restaurant literally in a cave. A very good rose wine was served throughout the meal. We had salad to start, then we were given the main course which was turkey, potatoes, and spinach. It was quite delicious; I was happy to have a good meal. For dessert, we all had something kind of like mint chocolate mousse. I have always hated anything mint chocolate, but it was actually good. As I am getting older, I am loving that my taste buds are changing. There are so many foods that I used to hate, but now that is not the case. Of course I would be happy about this.. haha.

We woke up the next morning to venture out to more castles. During one of castle visits, which was this really nice man's home, we had a little wine tasting. Well, kind of a big one. The man who lived there harvests his own wine and sells it there. We tried about five or six different wines. White, two different reds, sparkling, dessert wine, etc. It is common that some people spit out their wine so they only taste it. Not many people did this.. haha. I couldn't resist buying a bottle of the white wine that I loved. One thing I will miss about France is the amazing wine they have.

When I arrived back to Paris Sunday night, the Pats were waiting for me. I went to a Canadian pub to watch the game; it was amazing. I cannot express how happy I was to see the NFL on a television! Being with good company made it better too. Along with a table of Americans, I cheered on New England and expressed my anger when necessary.. haha. Yesterday, we had a guest speaker in marketing. She worked with Saint Laurent, and a lot of other jobs relating to product management. At the end, she expressed how important it is to work hard to get to the top in the fashion industry. It may take awhile, but it is totally worth it. Her lecture was much needed inspiration and encouragement to continue to follow my dreams.

Today was spent working on school projects, since there are 238121 due at the same time. They are all group projects too, blaahh. Who ever thought group projects were a good idea? I also worked on upcoming trips, which I am getting SO excited about. Only praying that these stupid strikes in Paris do not affect any of it. Some of my friend's flights have already gotten canceled. The French really do not give up when it comes to protesting. I also figured out my classes for this coming spring. It's gonna be a crazy semester, but I guess that is what happens when it gets closer and closer to graduation. The classes that I need are every day of the week, ugh. Commuting to those will be horrible, but I just gotta make it through. I will be done next December, which is so hard to believe. I cannot believe I will be finishing my bachelors; what will be next? It's all unknown. The only thing I know is that I will never give up on my dreams and the things that bring me true happiness.


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