"the happiest place on earth"

Ever since Marcy and I knew about studying abroad in Paris, she always talked about how she was so excited to go to Disney here! Throughout our friendship, I have really gotten to know the love she has for what she calls "the happiest place on earth." Although, now I would call it an obsession. We headed to Disney in Paris that is a 40 minute metro ride from our apartment. We found out when we got there, that our metro card would not work. We decided to just slide behind some people though, so no problem for us! We entered the gate and Marcy teared up.. hahaa. This s when I was like, "oh my gosh really?" I cannot make fun of her because I teared up at the Eiffel Tower at night, but we have Disney in the States! The Eiffel Tower is what makes Paris the city it is. Ok, Marcy?

We enjoyed our day as we rode some pretty awesome rides. It's a Small World was my favorite for a little "show ride", but Hollywood Tower was the best suspenseful ride. Other good rollercoasters were Finding Nemo and the Rockin' Rollercoaster. I saw some pretty great characters today at the park, as well as some other kind of characters. We got a picture with Mickey and I spotted Buzz (my favorite!). I even got to see the real life Buzz! Yesss. Other kinds of characters included these young teenagers all wearing Adidas track suits.. hilarious. I even "secretively" took their picture, haha. Oh, and when Marcy says it's the "happiest" place on earth.. it really is happy, if you know what I mean!

Our day ended with a parade, which was my favorite part! Disney characters filled the streets with dancing and singing. It was great. I guess Marcy's love for Disney has rubbed off on me. Oh, and her sickness she had a few weeks ago did too. I have a temperature.. ugh. Hoping I don't get sick!

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