a new kind of state

It's been awhile. My first post for August!

I was in West Virginia with Marcy visiting her parents. As you can see, we found some pretty awesome places to snap pictures. The first was this overlook of Parkersburg and the river. These pictures, along with a lot of others, are on facebook. I was debating whether or not to just put these on my blog. Oh well. Anyways, the overlook was really awesome until it started to storm. I actually enjoyed West Virginia and the different places we went. Of course we found many thrift stores while we were there!

We also went to this really old hotel that had a coffee shop in it. There was a room where we sat that was kind of like an old library (more pictures on facebook of it). I snapped a photo of my new favorite thrift find from Falls Church, a watch for $1.99.

Marcy took me to this old abandoned house where we took some photos. It was the perfect place. I just wish I had more time to find these kinds of places in Frederick. I should make that my goal before I leave for Paris!

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