As many of you know, I moved to NYC almost five months ago after getting an internship at a social media agency. After some tough decision making and determining what's best for me, I am here to stay in New York. With my decision to stay, a promotion (and the end of my intern days) came at the perfect time. On top of that, Chanelle has been the greatest friend and roommate by letting me stay at her place along with her other roommates. I have been living off this rack of clothes, as more than half of my belongings are still at home in Maryland. Yes, it's been somewhat frustrating and difficult on days I wish my entire closet would just magically appear. However, I am excited to share some very good news! After spending all our time these past few weeks apartment searching (which is why my blog has been lacking), Chanelle and I have found a place that is perfect for us. I am proud to say that I am officially an apartment renter! Does this mean even more "real" adult days are to come? These next couple weeks will be spent getting things packed up and preparing myself for my first New York apartment. Cannot wait to share more about my new place when we actually move in. Until then, Pinterest will actually serve me well now as I search for decor inspiration. 


  1. What great news Melissa! Congrats!!!!

  2. That's amazing news! Congrats!